Is It Safe to Give Human Medications to Pets?

Animals are very much different than a human and for that reason, it is not safe that medication that is made for humans are given to them without taking a recommendation from a veterinarian. Compared to humans cats and dogs have a very different reaction to the medication. 

You may have probably come across a person who has treated their pet with an OTC medication for pain and had a positive result. However, there are cases where pets who got medications like this had a toxic reaction and fatal results. You can always take help from a veterinary doctor and clear out your confusion and doubts about the health of your pet. 

Zen dog veterinary care is a well recommended clinic with a specialist, who can be helpful to you. They are available in places like New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Westchester. They do even provide dog home euthanasia if necessary. Before any process is taken forward, they find it important that you are well aware of it and explain it well. 

Can having a human painkiller kill a pet dog?

Every living being in this world are different from each other, things that can be safe for humans can affect animals like dog and cat in a fatal way. Never give your pet human medication as long as they have not been prescribed by a professional veterinarian. The painkillers that a dog consumes are not necessarily safe to be consumed by any other animal. 

Is ibuprofen safe to be consumed by a pet?

Naproxen and ibuprofen (Nurofen) are commonly used and the most effective medication that is used by humans to treat problems like inflammation and any sort of pain. They should not be used on pets. This medication can be poisonous (Toxic) for cats and dogs. Cats are very much susceptible to toxicity like this than a dog. 

Having a small amount like 200 milligrams can be very dangerous for cats or small dogs (puppies). The effects of toxicity can rapidly affect and damage the stomach and kidneys. Under any sort of issue or emergency do not take ibuprofen for your pet. 

What can you do if your pet cat or dog has eaten ibuprofen?

If you have doubt that your pet cat or pet dog has consumed the medication by mistake you need to call up a veterinary surgeon whom you know as soon as possible.

Ibuprofen can result in toxic reactions like –

  • Vomiting.
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Small appetite
  • Tarry and black feces.

Giving a human medication like paracetamol, aspirin, or anything else can get a very harsh result for your pet, and may need to get a dog or cat euthanasia at home done if the condition gets any worst. Try to avoid self medication and take the help of a reliable veterinarian whom you know. 

Keeping all your medication securely in a place that your pet won’t reach can be best. Always make sure that you take the consultation of a veteran to avoid any problems. 


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