Flea Bites on Your Dogs: Things You Must Check Out?

An itching and scratching pet conjures up some nightmarish images of the fleas hopping all over—particularly on our beds, furniture, and carpets.

Fleas are the prime suspects when your dog starts scratching without apparent reason, however before you may blame fleas for dog’s discomfort you have to do more investigating and get info on flea bites on. your dog. So, the best way you can find out if dog has got fleas is looking for the signs of the flea bites on your pet.

What’re Flea Bites?

The flea bites are very small and discolored bumps on the skin that will come from flea feeding onto your blood.

The fleas are small and wingless insects. They’re black or dark brown and have got flat bodies. Fleas have 6 legs and strong claws on bottoms of the legs that make them hold on the host and mouthparts, which pierce your skin & feed over your blood. The hind legs are stronger and longer than the legs in a middle and front, letting them to jump above 12 inches.

Start by Finding “Flea Dirt”

An important step is to know whether you have the flea problem. The adult fleas are quite visible even to a naked eye, however they are small and move fast. In early stages of the infestation, you may not find any adult fleas on the dog. Rather, flea feces, known as the “flea dirt” are a tell tale sign. The fleas feed on pet’s blood, thus accounting for why the deposits have digested blood.

The flea feces are very easily visualized on the light colored dogs, however it is tough to detect any flea dirt on the dogs that are very dark in color. By running fine-toothed comb through the pet’s fur can pick up the pieces of any flea dirt and adult fleas present.

The flea dirt mainly resembles the ground pepper and often is mistaken for the specks of dirt. Also, you can discern the flea dirt from its actual dirt just by placing material on the damp white tissue and paper towel.  The moistened flea dirt can reveal the reddish-rust color over the towel and tissue that represents pet’s blood that is ingested by flea.

Signs of the Flea Bites on Your Dogs

How does flea bite appear like? The fleas leave small, red and raised dots on the dog’s skin. They’re smaller than any other insect bites, though they will become quite inflamed after the dog scratches.

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